Craig County High School - Middle School

    CCPS ParentPortal Access Link
    Use this link to log on to the ParentPortal for Craig County Schools. Parents, please remember to use your own email provider to send emails to teachers, as ParentPortal doesn't provide this functionality.
    VHSL School Physical Examination Form
    This is provided in a .PDF format, and was revised for the 2007-2008 school year. This form may be used for the 2008-09 student physicals.
    High School Exam Policy (Grades 6-12) - 8/17/2010
    Approved at the School Board August 17, 2010 meeting.
    Standards of Learning Resources - Virginia DOE
    Includes: Standards of Learning, Curriculum Framework, Enhanced Scope and Sequence, Test Blueprints, Released Tests, Project Graduation, ePAT, and Online Tutorials.
    Academic and Career Planning - Virginia DOE
    Parents and students may use this information to plan their high school career.
    Graduation Information - Virginia DOE
    Students and parents may check this service to determine what diploma requirements are necessary for graduation.
    Early College Scholars Program - Virginia DOE
    Parents and students may refer to this information to determine the scope of this program.
    High School Industry Credentialing - Virginia DOE
    The Virginia DOE Office of Career and Technical Education provide the pathways for high school students to obtain industry cerdentialling or state licensure in a variety of fields, while pursueing a high school diploma.
    Project Graduation
    "Project Graduation provides remedial instruction and assessment opportunities for students at risk of not meeting the commonwealth’s diploma requirements. Project Graduation includes remedial academies during the school year and summer, and online tutorials to help students master the content needed to pass Standards of Learning (SOL) tests in reading and Algebra I."
    Netiquette Information
    Use this website to find out about netiquette.
    Netiquette Quiz
    How is your netiquette?