F.A.Q. (1)

CCPS Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Virtual Academy

  1. Will daily attendance be recorded for students participating in the Virtual Academy?
    Yes, students are expected to fully participate in the curriculum and daily attendance will be recorded.
  2. Will students be able to easily return to school if they start the year Virtually?
    Yes, students can return to “regular” school at any time. The work completed on line is the same work completed in the classroom.
  3. Will high schoolers be able to attend school in person all the time if parents opt them out of the virtual school?
    The current guidelines issued by the DOE and the VDH require social distancing during the school day and on school buses. Physical space in the classroom and school buses will limit the number of students who can attend on any given day. We are exploring all possible solutions, but it is very likely that students will be on an alternating schedule of in-person and at home instruction. We will be monitoring the DOE and the VDH for any changes to the guidelines.
  4. If not able to completely opt them out of virtual learning, how many days each week will they be able to attend in person?
    All courses and classes K-12 will have an online component which will be incorporated into the daily instruction. We do not want the online component to replace in-person instruction, but we are required by the DOE to prepare for 100% Virtual Learning in case there is another school closure. Social distancing requirements will limit the number of students we can have in the building. We are still discussing our options for student schedules and will be issuing new information based on additional guidelines from the VDOE and the VDH.
  5. Will there be daily recorded teacher instruction or a set live video classroom time?
    We are examining both options at this time.
  6. Will online be Daily work or weekly assignments?
    There will be daily assignments for the student to complete. Depending on the subject, there may be longer weekly assignments to complete.
  7. Do you have more information about how this virtual program will work?
    The Virtual classes and the in-person classes will follow the same outline and pacing. The course will be divided into Units or Modules and there will be specific due dates for each assignment within the course.
  8. What will a day’s work look like, and how much time should be committed each day for a second grader? Also, will it be all online or some papers?
    We will be issuing guidelines regarding the expectations for students accessing the online curriculum. We expect students who are learning from home and students who are attending in-person instruction to be working in the same module or unit at the same time.  The work assigned to students will be grade appropriate. Students who are Virtual only will receive all work electronically.
  9. Is there a time frame that the student needs to be online for classes?
    There will likely be a time frame that students will need to be online for classes, however, specifics have yet to be determined.
  10. How does the assignments and the homework get turned in and graded?
    All assignments will be delivered and collected through our Learning Management System. Work will be graded and returned to the student through this system.
  11. How will this affect my child’s grades?
    All students in CCPS will be following the same curriculum and the same pacing regardless of in-person or virtual. Grading will be consistent for all students.
  12. Will they be monitored online as if they were in a classroom?
    We do not have the ability to monitor what a student is doing while they are on the computer. We have the technology at school for teachers to monitor exactly what a student is doing while they are online. We will be monitoring when students access their curriculum and that they complete all work on time.
  13. What will the alternative be if not doing virtual learning?
    The alternative to Virtual Learning is in-person learning. Virtual Learning is available for parents who are not ready for their child to return to school due to the current health crisis.

Special Education

  1. What will SPED services look like online?
    Services and accommodations/modifications must be an IEP team decision. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding participation in the Craig County Virtual Academy for a student with a disability, email the Special Education Coordinator, Elaina Wolfe-Carper, at [email protected]
  2. My child has a hard time staying focused and has an IEP in place. How will the virtual class look? Is it like a zoom she will be sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours? I’m just concerned because we had a hard time staying focused with the take home work.
    The Virtual Academy has modules or units that will follow the pacing guides established by CCPS. Students who are Virtual and students who are in-person will follow the same pacing schedule. The amount of time spent on the work will depend on each student. Time will be set aside for weekly video conferencing.

Sports and Extracurricular Activities

  1. Will Virtual students be able to participate in sports?
    We are waiting for final guidance from the VHSL concerning sports before a final decision is made.
  2. Will sports continue once we are in phase 3?
    We do not have final guidance on athletics at this time. The Virginia High School League has not issued guidelines concerning sports. We will follow VDOE, VDH and VHSL guidelines concerning athletics once they have been issued.
  3. Will there be clubs for students this year?
    We will continue to have clubs for the 2020-2021 school year, however, due to social distancing and school cleaning guidelines, we may postpone the start of clubs until later in the school year after additional guidelines from the VDOE and VDH have been issued.

School Schedule

  1. I'm confused as to whether or not kids will be attending class 1 day a week or more or if they will be getting computers and doing everything from home or if it's the parents choice?
    We are working on the school schedule for the fall. If your student is enrolled in the CCVA, they will be doing 100% of their classes online. All students (in-person or Virtual) will be receiving a chrome device. Students attending the physical school will be doing some work on-line as part of the class.
  2. When is the school year supposed to start? What day?
    August 24, 2020 is the first student day.
  3. Will school be every day or staggered?
    July 14, 2020 Update. Students in grades pK-8 will attend 4 days per week, Monday to Thursday with Friday as a virtual day. Students in grades 9 - 12 will attend 2 days per week, Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday with the other days as virtual days.
  4. Will there be regular cleaning throughout the day in common areas such as bathrooms?
    Common areas and high touch points will be cleaned throughout the day. All areas will be cleaned nightly.
  5. If a student wishes to attend school in person, when will the plan for this type of learning be released?
    July 14, 2020 Update: The Return 2 Learn Plan was presented and adopted by the CCPS school board. Please visit our website for the plan presentation.
  6. How are parents supposed to pay for their children's care when they are working? The governor says that preschool-3rd grade could participate in summer programs. How is that different from going to school? These children will be exposed and even more at risk while they are being sent to daycare.
    The Governor is allowing schools to reopen in Phases.  Phase II (summer programs) allows pK to grade 3 students to attend school following strict social distancing guidelines.  Phase III will allow all students to attend school, again following strict social distancing guidelines.  We understand the difficulties families will face as we reopen schools.  We are committed to providing a welcoming environment to all students while continuing to follow the VDOE, VDH and CDC guidelines.
  7. Will siblings in high school have the same on/off days?
    We are working very hard to ensure that siblings have the same on/off schedule.


  1. Will chromebooks be given to every student or one per household?
    Each student will receive a chromebook. We would like the chromebook to stay at home.Students who are attending in-person classes will have access to a chromebook during the school day and will not need to bring their device to school everyday.
  2. Is the internet required for the chromebooks?
    Chromebooks can be used without the internet, however, students will need to be able to connect to the internet to upload or download assignments from their courses. We are currently working on a plan to provide Wireless Hotspots in various locations throughout the county for students to connect their device and receive their course materials.


  1. What will in-classroom learning look like?
    The major change to in-class learning will be the 6ft social distancing guidelines established by the DOE and the VDH. Students will receive in person instruction and then will have assignments to complete on-line depending on the grade level and the course/class.
  2. For the students that would be starting kindergarten this year how are things gonna work?
    We are still exploring what Kindergarten will look like in the fall. Expect a blend of in-person instruction and at home reinforcement through a touch chrome device.
  3. Will grading students work change in any way?
    All classes will have an online component. The majority of student assessments and work will be assigned through our Learning Management System. Student work will be graded for correctness and completeness.

Playgrounds and Lunches

  1. Playgrounds and Cafeteria open or closed?
    Playgrounds will be open, however, there will be limits on the use of the equipment. This will be based on DOE guidelines for shared equipment.
  2. How will lunch go? Where will they eat lunch?
    The VDOE and the VDH have issued guidelines on cleaning communal areas (cafeterias) and social distancing. We are looking at all possible solutions to ensure we have met all of the requirements. Two solutions are staggered lunch schedules and eating in the classroom. We will make final decisions once we have received new guidelines from the VDOE.
  3. Will there be recess? Will they be using toys in the classrooms during recess?
    Recess is an important part of our instructional program. Students will need to follow social distancing guidelines during recess. We are examining ways to provide students with individual materials, however, all shared toys will be cleaned on a daily basis.


  1. If a student is sick (not COVID related) or out of town on their in-person school day, will the student still be able to plug into virtual to keep from missing lectures and assignments?
    Students will be able to access missed work using the Craig County Learning Management System.
  2. Are masks mandatory?
    The VDOE and the VDH guidelines currently require adults to wear a mask if they must be closer than 6ft from a student. Masks are encouraged for students to wear, but are not mandatory.
  3. Mask required or staggered classes?
    Masks are not required, but social distancing is required. Staggered schedules would be used to reduce the number of students in the building on a given day and allow us to meet the 6ft social distancing guidelines.
  4. Will extra time be given for hand washing?
    Yes. We will have students take time to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer during the school day.
  5. Will students be screened (temperatures checked) before entering the school?
    The current guidelines from the VDOE and the VDH do not require a temperature check prior to entering the school. We will be asking parents to monitor their children and if they are sick, not feeling well, or have an elevated temperature to keep them at home.
  6. My son has to visit the nurse several times during the day because he has diabetes, is there any change or a new plan of action for this situation?
    Students will continue to have access to the school nurse.

BTEC and Governor’s School

  1. What about students attending Governor’s School?
    Governor’s school is currently allowing an in-person and a Virtual option. Students attending Governor’s school will need to work with their administration and teachers. We are planning to transport students to Governor’s school, provided we can maintain all of the social distancing and health guidelines required by the VDOE and the VDH.
  2. Is there any word yet about how this will affect BTEC students?
    We do not have a plan from Botetourt concerning BTEC. We are planning on taking students to BTEC at this time.
  3. Will my child still be able to attend BTEC if they are enrolled in the virtual classroom?
    No. We are offering the Virtual option for parents who do not want their child to attend physical school due to COVID-19. If your child is attending BTEC (a physical school), then they would also be expected to attend CCHS.
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